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Why do You choose NTCL?

NTCL Auditing Division is an independent third-party audit body recognized by many customers and organizations. We have many professional and experienced auditors who are familiar with local language, legal and social affairs.

What is Social Audits?

The meaning of social audit is to inspect a company’s working and production procedures to improve its social performance. The output of the social audit provides information on how well a company is keeping a balance between social responsibility.

NTCL Social Audit Service.

  • Ethical Standards Assessment,
  • SRA- Self-assessment Audit,
  • COC- Code of Conduct Audit,
  • Safety Audit.
  • Fire, Electrical & Structural Safety audit ( As per Accord, Alliance or RSC Safety Standards)
  • Lift/ Elevator Safety Inspections
  • Boiler Safety Inspection Report
  • Technical Audit,
  • Supply chain management Audit.

NTCL Social Audit Process

  1. Inquiry and establish contacts and pre-audit induction.
  2. Pre-Assessment questionnaire
  3. Audit Planning
  4. Opening Meeting
  5. Factory Tour Guidance
  6. Workers Interview
  7. Document Review
  8. On-site Summary Report Preparation (CAP Preparation)
  9. Closing Meeting
  10. Publication of Assessment Results
  11. Supplier Ethical Standard Corrective Action Report
  12. Follow-up assessment

NTCL always maintains integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism.  Each audit will include a thorough audit of the facility for Wages & Benefit, working hours, Child Labor, Forced Labor, Non-discrimination, Harassment & Disciplinary Practice, Health and Safety, Freedom of Association, Security, Human Trafficking, and Environmental issues. Facility records involving payroll, operating licenses, employee personnel records, etc. will be reviewed for legal compliance with local laws. And a random sampling of employees will be interviewed to evaluate working conditions at the facility.

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