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National Testing Calibration & Inspection LTD (NTCL)
NTCL Logo and Certification Marks
  • May not be used until permission has been granted by NTCL. The applicant agrees that the Certification mark will not be used, nor any representations be made about certification until permission has been granted by NTCL and that, if certification is granted, the Mark will be used according to the Certification Agreement.
  • Client may only use the Certification Mark corresponding to the standard that Certification is based on.
  • Must not make any direct or implied claim that the Certification and/or Accreditation Mark/s cover an activity, or activities, which are outside the scope of the certification schedule for which certification has been granted
  • Client can only use a Certification Mark, provided he holds a valid Certificate of Conformity.
  • The Certification Mark may be shown on Client’s letters and other public relations material such as business cards, website and email signature.
  • Must inform us if you change your address. Your certificate is issued to cover the place(s) where the audit was conducted. If you intend to change your address and wish to remain registered, you must inform NTCL so that we can determine what actions are necessary for you to maintain your registration.
  • The Certification Mark must not be used on product or in any way to create an assumption that it is a product Certification Mark or that a product has been certified.
  • Use of references to certification shall be restricted to correspondence, advertising, and promotional material that is directly applicable to the scope of registration as shown on the Registration Certificate.
  • The Certification Mark must only be shown in standard size and design. Standard size and design may be obtained from NTCL on request. Use of the logo must be such that it is reproduced as per the original without any restriction on size.
  • The Certification Mark must never be shown as larger than Client’s own logo, but the certification Mark must always be shown in its entirety.
  • Client will consult with NTCL in respect of use of the Certification Mark if necessary.
  • In case of suspension or withdrawal of a certificate client must discontinue its use of all advertising matter containing a reference to Certification.
  • In case of incorrect reference to Certification status or misleading use of certification documents or marks, NTCL may request corrective actions, suspension or withdrawal of certificate, publication of the transgression or, if necessary, legal action.
  • Certification logos are not to be used on laboratory test, calibration, or inspection reports and the Certification Mark also must not be applied to laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports, as such reports are deemed to be products in this context.
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