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National Testing Calibration & Inspection LTD (NTCL)
Impartiality Policy
  • To ensure that any potential conflicts of interests are identified, analyzed and documented to ensure that the assessment and certification processes are not compromised.
  • We have ensured that all internal and external personnel are aware of the need for impartiality.
  • For the impartiality committee to use this procedure so the methods adopted are clear, understood and audited to ensure conformity.
  • The business risk assessment covers all potential threats that are identified whether they arise from within NTCL or from the activities of other persons or organisations. When a relationship poses an unacceptable threat to impartiality, then certification is not provided.
  • NTCL is responsible for the impartiality of its laboratory activities and do not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.
  • To ensure that any threat to impartiality has a response and that action is taken.
  • The top management of NTCL will review any residual risks to determine if it is within the level of acceptable risk and this is ongoing at each management review meeting.
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