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National Testing Calibration & Inspection LTD (NTCL)

The main purpose of this section of the ESIA report is to provide an understanding of current environmental and social conditions that form the baseline against which project impacts can be predicted and measured during project implementation. For moderate-risk projects that require only a partial ESIA and no scoping study, this section also provides an opportunity to substantiate the results of the ESMS screening by confirming potential impacts and/or identifying other potential impacts.

roject impacts can be analysed using a range of methods from simple qualitative analysis to detailed quantitative surveys or modelling. The data collection methods and analytical tools used and the depth of analysis should be commensurate with the type and significance of the impacts, it should allow rigorous assessment of the significant impacts using qualitative and to the extent possible also quantitative methods. The report should describe the methods chosen for data collection and analysis and the rational for the choice of method; it should further describe the quality of available data and, where applicable, explain key data gaps and uncertainties associated with predictions.

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