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Very, just how do guys text message when they as if you?

Very, just how do guys text message when they as if you?

They may text message your hello, posting numerous follow-up messages on course of a single day, texts your when he or she is leaving works, start texting you prior to he would go to sleep later in the day, or he’s going to only state, something like “have a great evening and you can sweet fantasies.” These are most of the cues that he’s messaging you because mode the guy enjoys you. Exactly how males text message after they as you is not necessarily the just like just how lady redirected here text message; not, if you do not has actually several unanswered messages in order to him across the way of a few days (not just each day, such as for instance when they are working), he could be texting because he would like to get to know you more. A person enjoys you when the the guy will make it a practice so you’re able to text you every morning or each night. While people aren’t normally one to develop novels through text, a guy enjoys your as he texts your over the guy texts their ideal male members of the family.

Remember: each person flirt in different ways

Exactly how flirty is actually his texts? ‘s the build lively and you will enjoyable, or is they more severe? Thinking about these questions will help within the determining just what the guy could be considering.

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