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National Testing Calibration & Inspection LTD (NTCL)

NTCL delivers its services with the highest standards of integrity underlying its vision of being a premier total solution provider in quality and technology all over the world. To uphold these values, NTCL does not allow any staffs to ask for or accept any advantage offered by the customer/ supplier/ manufacturer or persons associated to these. This includes but is not limited to:

  • gifts (incl. product sample),
  • money (e.g. red pocket, cash, check etc.),
  • rebate,
  • hospitality (e.g. entertainment, accommodation, transportation, expensive dinner/lunch),
  • Also give any personal gifts to external parties.
  • Etc.

NTCL reserves the right of transferring the suspected case for further investigation of any legal liability or report the suspected case to the customer requesting our services. This policy aims to prevent conflicts or conflicts of interest in any ongoing or potential business dealings with NTCL and its subsidiaries. NTCL employees are required to adopt a culture of integrity based on guidelines set by NTCL.

We practice the highest standards of integrity. Please feel free to contact NTCL:

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